first gig

Mushroom Tour Day 3: Krakow – Thursday 11 April

lunchtime in havirov, “moravski vrabec” or moravian blackbird cooked expertly by mrs. slavik – a dish of stewed pork and cabbage cooked with cumin plus homemade apple strudel

“welcome to the concert”

the first gig of the tour is in a smokey basement in krakow to a semi sympathetic audience of tourists.

the band dives straight in, has some minor difficulty finding its feet and ends up careening through two sets in a manner fitting to four guys who have just driven across europe.

it is agreed that there is great musical potential but that we haven´t quite come together as of yet, the challenge is set for the following days…


the drivers resting in the van jungle

the venue, piec´ART, had a banging crash pad in the back and also one of the bitchiest bartenders this side of the moldau.

Micha, Jiri's mother, and her cooking

Micha, Jiri’s mother, and her cooking

flautinho setting up

flautinho setting up