ostrava's komirní klub

Mushroom Tour day 4: Ostrava – Friday 12th April

zac's mystical bread amulet

zac’s mystical bread amulet

managed to drag ourselves out of bed in time to get a peek at krakow

sitting in st mary´s basilika, a highly ornamented church in the centre of the city, marco´s first thoughts are “fç”$ing hell” .. which he later expanded on by saying “those people actually believe that sh$t”

later, leaving the city, we discovered a graffiti of pope jean paul II (aka MC JP2), which is proof that in poland there is such a thing as a cool cat(hotlic)

zac buys a string of little bagel/pretzels which he will later wear around his neck like some kind of mystical amulet. the best thing about this is that he can surprise people by offering them to try one

lunch chez slavik again, this time with jiri senior who gets out the chess book in order to show cesc the ´catalan gambit´. delicious chicken shnitzels and 3-P-Mayo salad (potato, peper and pickle)… jiri says “yes, but in austria we will eat the real shnitzel – veal, man.”

tonight´s gig is in ostrava to a fairly conservative audience who listened very attentively to our deconstructed standards and reconstructed original

while slavik is chatting with our new tour manager, alice, who has helped us organize 3 of the gigs here in czech, the rest of the band gets to messing around with some old time swing stuff (cesc on piano, fred on bass, zac on snare drum). some of the audience stay behind, they clap enthusiastically after each number. one lady says half jokingly “but this is much better than concert. why you play so disharmonious?”


we are told that this is a typical reaction for many czech audiences and that, of course, our music is too hip for them. but if our music is not for them, then for who? the discussion is opened..

a quick trip to balona, the balloon, second home of the vonichka gang – more about them later – where we are treated to pork ribs served on wooden boards with plenty of fat and pints of radegast, the beer named after a local pagan deity of unknown properties